Seminars by the candidates to the announced position in immunology

  • Datum: –17.00
  • Plats: Biomedicinskt centrum C4:301
  • Kontaktperson: Catharina Svensson
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As you know, IMBIM is currently in the process of recruiting a senior lecturer in experimental immunology. The same five applicants have been short listed by the external expert reviewers. They have therefore been invited – and accepted – to come to IMBIM on October 18 in C4:301 to give seminars and to learn about IMBIM and talk to potential coworkers.

10.00-11.00        Anna Smed Sörensen "Innate and adaptive immune responses in blood and airways as predictors of COVID-19 disease severity"
11.15-12.15        Ning Xu Landén, "Decoding the regulome behind the wound inflammation"
13.15-14.15        Jonas Klingström, "Understanding the mechanisms behind hantavirus and SARS-CoV-2 caused diseases
14.30-15.30        Tim Willinger, "Origin and Ontogeny of Human Lung Macrophages In Health and Disease"
15.45-16.45        Sara Mangsbo, "Cancer vaccine development using synthetically produced peptides, challenges and opportunities"

Each scheduled hour will be split into two approximately equal halves: 30 min research presentation (open to all IMBIM) followed by a 30 min discussion within a smaller group. Some of you may want to meet with the candidates outside this schedule and if so, please feel free to contact them directly.

Catharina Svensson
Professor, Head of Department