STINT Special Symposium on the Sweden-Japan 150 Anniversary Grant

  • Datum: –19.00
  • Plats: Biomedicinskt centrum SciLifeLab Navet Triple-Room E10:1309
  • Kontaktperson: Aris Moustakas
  • Seminarium

Welcome to join us for the closing event of our 2018 bipartite grant between Japan and Sweden on TGFbeta signaling. If interested in basic cancer biology and TGFbeta signaling, we promise a rich scientific program.

Access to the symposium is free, no registration required. Coffee, tea and cookies will be served at the afternoon break.
Looking forward to your participation, Aris Moustakas

STINT Special Symposium on the Sweden-Japan 150 Anniversary Grant
Uppsala University, Biomedical Center, SciLifeLab Navet Triple-Room E10:1309
January 18, 2019
10:00 Aristidis Moustakas, Uppsala Univ. Welcome
Chair: Carl-Henrik Heldin
10:05 Mitsuyasu Kato, Univ. of Tsukuba Stemness induction as a mechanism of
tumorigenic cancer cell growth
10:55 Keiji Miyazawa, Yamanashi Univ. Crucial role of Smad3 in protumorigenic TGFβ signaling
11:45 Daizo Koinuma, Tokyo Univ. Regulation of Smad signaling by NORAD in lung adenocarcinoma cells
12:30 LUNCH break
Chair: Anna-Karin Olsson
13:30 Jessica Cedervall, Uppsala Univ. Platelet-induced EMT
14:00 Yusuke Tamura, Tokyo Univ. Epigenetic regulation of TGF-β-induced EMT
14:30 Yutaro Tsubakihara, Uppsala Univ. A breast cancer EMT imaging system
15:00 Anders Sundqvist, Uppsala Univ. Transcriptional network of TGFβ signaling
driving breast cancer invasion
15:30 Coffee break
Chair: Ingvar Ferby
16:00 Constantinos Kolliopoulos, Uppsala Univ. The Has2 natural antisense RNA in TGFβ- induced EMT
16:30 Hiroyuki Suzuki, Univ. of Tsukuba Oncogenic functions of TGFβ-stimulated clone-22 families
17:00 Eleftheria Vasilaki, Uppsala Univ. Crosstalk between Ras and protumorigenic TGFβ signaling
17:30 Laia Caja, Uppsala Univ. EMT transcription factors and crosstalk by TGFβ and BMP in brain tumors
18:00 Aristidis Moustakas, Uppsala Univ. Concluding remarks